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Bulk Mulch & Bagged Goods


We sell dark pine mulch and Mad Mics Mulch (leaf mulch, mixed with compost and horse bedding) by the yard, at $53.00/yd. There is a five yard minimum for delivery for surrounding towns. Delivery charge based on locality.


Mulch is great for weed control and for maintaining moisture content in the soil. All of our mulch products are free of dyes and are sold in bulk or by the bag. We carry Coast of Maine products (bagged), Sweet Peet Mulch (bagged), Dark Pine Mulch (bulk) and Organic Mad Mics Mulch (bulk), all of which are ideal for perennial and annual garden beds.


To calculate the amount needed,  use the following formula:


square footage x desired depth / 324 = cubic yards needed


The graphic below from Country Living magazine is a great place to start! Of course, if you ordered from us last year, we can let you know how much you purchased!


What are the reasons for using mulch?


  • Moisture retention for your plants, leading to less watering, which helps the environment and saves you money and time.
  • Adds beauty to all landscaping projects.
  • Dark, rich color will enhance the appearance of all your planting beds.
  • Mulch that is also a weed suppressant! Used 3-4 inches in depth, it greatly reduces weed growth.
  • Increases ground temperature to help insulate and promote growth of your plants.

Bagged Goods


Whether you’re looking for peat moss, compost, manure, mulch or soil, we’ve got it by the bag! Use the chart above to figure out how much mulch you might need. If you want to fill a raised bed with soil, the average raised bed (4′ x 8′ x 2′) needs 2.5 cubic yards of soil.


Call to place your order for curbside pickup or delivery.  (781) 259 – 8884


Mulch Header Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash