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Landscape Design



During the initial consultation, one of our designers will visit your property for a site assessment. We will:

  • Take photographs and rough measurements
  • Assess light, drainage and topographic conditions
  • Have a discussion about likes and dislikes of the current landscape
  • Discuss your landscape aesthetics and aspirations

Depending on the extent and type of work to be performed, the designer will propose moving forward with either a formal landscape plan (at additional cost) or a simple cost proposal for work to be suggested and completed

To schedule an appointment with a Stonegate professional landscape designer please call us at 781-259-8884



After the initial consultation, either in-store or on-site, if the homeowner would like to pursue a Landscape Design Plan, a Design Service Contract detailing the specifics of the design, along with a price for our services.

A detailed summary is created along with a schematic of the plants for the proposed area. This process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks depending upon the time of year. Once completed, the designer reviews the plan with you. Adjustments can be made at this time. We can either supply the plants to you and you are responsible for the planting, or we can perform the installation. Our goal is to fulfill your needs and to grow relationships.