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Landscape Design


We offer two levels of professional landscape design services to our customers.  An advanced appointment is required to meet with a Stonegate Landscape Designer.





Our In-Store Design service is best suited for one visual area such as a front yard, foundation planting or backyard. This service is complimentary as our goal is to assist you in selecting the best plants to be successful with at your home.

To assure success our designers will need the following information from the homeowner:

  • Accurate measurements of the area to be designed
  • Photos of the area
  • Site conditions
  • Location of North on your property
  • Sunlight conditions





During the initial consultation, we visit your property and discuss with you what you need. We take photographs, measurements, assess the conditions of the site and note any soil issues. We find over 90% of our clients prefer this option.

Following the consultation, a detailed summary is created along with a sketch of plants for the proposed area. This process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on the time of year. Once completed, the designer reviews the plan with you. Adjustments can be made at this time.

To schedule an appointment with a Stonegate professional landscape designer please call us at 781-259-8884

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