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Containers are a fun, flexible and easy way to transform the look of your home. Whether you want to create a focal point or simply accent the exterior of your home, Stonegate offers an extensive collection of unique pottery from around the World.

When choosing a material, you need to determine your priorities. What is more important to you? Color, Weight, Look or Function. Ask yourself what you want to do with the pot in the winter? (see our Winter Care) If it is year-round interest, then a pot that can remain outdoors year round is best.



Styles & Materials


A traditional material, typically styled as an urn, this very durable material has developed into more modern lines recently. Cast Iron can be left out in New England winters but will require some maintenance over the years to preserve its finish.


If you want durable, weather resistant pieces to compliment your interior or exterior spaces, cement planters are unbeatable. We offer a wide range of styles and come priced affordably in your custom color.


These large pots are handmade, sometimes stained in a glaze, and prized for their form and unique production methods which are becoming quite rare. The type of clay not only gives them their color but also a hardiness to our frost.


Typically, a clay-based pot from Vietnam, Malaysia or Europe. The clay we carry is frost tolerant and when planted properly does well throughout the winter. We have a variety of colors in stock to coordinate with your home.


These pots are attractive because of their versatility and clean lines. Several lightweight materials are available including, fiberglass, resin, and polyethylene planters.


Granite is a New England treasure and local artisans have created rustic planters, bubblers and bird baths through hand chiseled methods. Each piece is one of a kind and a natural piece of our New England landscape.


Some of these range from small cachepots (without drainage holes) to large floor pots. Some have easy self-watering systems that allow you to leave planters unattended for weeks. Customers can find their favorite finish, shape or style from our broad selection.



Winter Care


Ideally, pottery should be stored indoors and away from the elements in the winter. However, if pottery must be left outside, it is advised to store empty containers upside down on slats of wood to keep them from freezing to the ground. If the containers are planted, simply place slats of wood beneath the container to allow for proper drainage and air flow.



Custom Orders


Not seeing what you had in mind? We have an extensive library of container catalogs from all over World to choose from. We have built strong relationships with our vendors, therefore we are able to place special orders weekly throughout the season with very quick turnaround times.

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