Perennial of the Week: Verbena Bonariensis, “Lollipop”

Perennial of the Week: Verbena Bonariensis, "Lollipop"

Perennial of the Week: Verbena Bonariensis, “Lollipop”

If you’re looking for a stunning (and easy to grow) way to attract pollinators to your garden, look no further than verbena bonariensis, Lollipop. This late-blooming, tall sculptured plant brings bright lavender bursts of color to your garden and is airy enough to allow other plants to shine as well.

Verbena bonariensis thrives in sunlight with well-drained soil and constant moisture. Growing up to 6 feet tall, this plant makes a fabulous filler and attracts all sorts of pollinators from monarch butterflies and bees to hummingbirds.

This plant starts blooming mid-summer and continues throughout the season until the first frost of the year. For more information, check out the links below, and if you have any questions about adding this beauty to your garden, feel free to call or email our perennial expert.

Can You Really Change the Color of Hydrangeas?

Can You Change the Color of Hydrangea | Stonegate Gardens

It is possible to change the flowers’ colors, but not instantly. Color correction takes weeks-even months. It is easier to change blue flowers to pink than pink to blue, and both are done by changing the pH of the soil. While results are guaranteed, it’s always fun to see what results you can get in your garden – we’ve seen pink, blue and purple all on the same branch!



Quick Tips: Companion Plants for Tomatoes

Companion Planting Tomatoes | Stonegate GardensPlacing other plants alongside your tomatoes (called “companion planting”) is often said to help both species grow more productively, and can even improve the flavor of the produce! Today, we’ll take a quick look at which plants you can pair with tomatoes, for a healthier, happier garden.


Quick Tips: Summer Watering



Are you watering your trees and shrubs correctly?
Proper watering can ensure that plants not only survive these hot months but thrive!

  • Plants and trees (especially new plantings!) need a deep watering 2-3 times per week until the first frost
  • Deep watering means that the soil is saturated to the depth of the root ball
  • Avoid daily, shallow watering
  • Do not rely on irrigation systems for watering trees, as they will not provide a deep enough watering to reach the roots
    Using a Treegator watering bag, or similar device can make this process much easier!

For more in-depth watering advice, check out this handy guide. Get simple gardening tips from Stonegate Gardens delivered right to your inbox with our email newsletter.